A Unique Learning Experience in the Heart of Silicon Valley!

Mandarin Academy offers a wonderfully unique learning experience for young Chinese learners in the heart of Silicon Valley. We believe that being bilingual is one of our biggest gifts we can give to our children. Children are immersed in English in daily life at the store, in after-school activities, and in our neighborhood so to learn Mandarin, it is important that they spend many hours per school day immersed in the language. 

Kindergartners and first graders will spend about 80% of their school week interacting in Mandarin Chinese. In the fall, our kindergarteners start out by studying Zhuyin Fuhao System of Phonetic Notation (i.e. BoPoMoFo). This helps students to self-teach the pronunciation of more complicated characters throughout their lifetime. 

Our primary teaching focus is a strong foundation in Mathematics & Traditional Chinese characters. Pinyin & Simplified Chinese characters are introduced in the fourth and fifth-grade levels. Our first graders learn double-digit subtraction and single-digit multiplication in Chinese. Most remarkably, they are reading stories such as The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk in Chinese. While many first graders struggle to read those stories in their first language, our students are doing it in a second language. This is all due to the talents and skills of our exceptional teachers.

Mandarin Academy in the News

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