Su LaoShi Our creative head teacher who is always developing new strategies for helping students learn. She oversees all of the grade levels and teaches Math Squared in addition to many other subjects. She is the lead teacher for 3rd-5th Grades.

Yang LaoShi Our primary kindergarten & 1st-2nd grade teacher for Chinese language lessons. She specializes in teaching BoPoMoFo to these bright minds. She is the lead teacher for K-1st Grades.
Mrs. Sung (AKA "Sung LaoShi) 
Our Music teacher for the whole school. Additionally, she teaches 3rd & 5th Grade English.

Tsen LaoShi One of our Chinese teachers for various classes. She instructs the class under the guidance of our Chinese lead teachers and is the kindergarten Math teacher as well. She also teaches in our After School Program.
  Mr. Joe Our Extended Care Coordinator who also serves as a Teacher for our Day School. He provides thoughtful & structured activities for the students when they are in his care. He is very patient and helpful with the needs of the students.

Mr. Erik
Our Assistant Teacher for P.E. on Fridays. He is always smiling and helpful.