2017 Enrollment Dates to Remember

January 7th, 2017 - Open House & Group Assessment

January 28th, 2017 - Open House & Group Assessment

February 11th, 2017 - Open House & Group Assessment

March 25th, 2017 - Open House & Group Assessment - RSVP Here

(Eligible students must be 5 yrs old by Sept. 30th)

On Open House dates, we will be hosting a demonstration class for your prospective student with one of our Chinese teachers from 10:15 -10:45AM. This is a great opportunity to feel what a typical classroom environment will be like and for the teacher to observe and assess your child prior to admissions into Mandarin Academy. Your child's birthday should be on or before 09/30/2012 to be eligible to attend. 恩慈國際學院創校於2009年位於庫比提諾市, 當初由三個家庭大力支持建立一個擁有個性化教學的雙語環境。目前提供幼稚園到五年級的雙語學術課程。我們的主要教學重點是數學與繁體中文的堅實基礎。幼兒園和一年級學生約有八成的時間用中文學習互動並且一年級學生開始學習兩位數的減法和個位數的乘法。拼音和簡體字會在四和五年級開始學習。我們非常自豪,提供個性化教學給我們的學生。


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Acceptance letters will be sent out on an ongoing basis for suitable applicants who have passed one of our assessment session and completed the online Admissions process which includes a $100 application fee. An enrollment fee of $1000 will be due within 10 days after notice of acceptance in order to hold a seat in the kindergarten class.

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