Dear Parents, 

I am Lisa Su, otherwise known as Su Lao Shi, the current principal at Mandarin Academy. I am very happy to be able to have this opportunity to introduce you to Mandarin Academy. Mandarin Academy was the brainchild of a group of parents that wanted their children to immerse themselves in the culture and language of Chinese so that they would not forget their cultural roots. Since we began in 2009, Mandarin Academy has continued our commitment to providing students with the best possible Chinese immersion education while also giving students a safe environment where they may explore their own curiosities while growing as an individual. 

Mandarin Academy is a nonprofit organization and an immersion Chinese school. We offer every child equal opportunities to experience this high standard of Chinese immersion education regardless of their cultural background. Along with academic education, our school also emphasizes upon the education of ones character and morals. All our past Mandarin Academy students have displayed exceptional academic achievements along with displaying a strong confidence in ones own character and actions. 

I look forward to meeting you in person so that you may learn more about our wonderful school! 


Lisa Su

Mandarin Academy Principal


Su Lao Shi

2nd-4th Grade Chinese

2nd-3rd Grade Math

Chen Lao Shi

Kindergarten Chinese

K-1st Grade Crafts

Mrs. Sonti

Kindergarten English

Mrs. Small


Yang Lao Shi

K-1st Grade Chinese Phonetics

1st Grade Chinese

Ms. Chen

1st Grade English

Ms. Levita

2nd-3rd Grade English

Ms. Iyer

2nd-4th Grade Art

Tsen Lao Shi

K-1st Grade Math

K-3rd Grade Science

Mr. Jonathan

4th Grade English

4th Grade Math

4th Grade Social Studies

Huang Lao Shi

4th Grade Science

Ms. Lai


Liao Lao Shi


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