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A unique learning experience in the heart of Silicon Valley

Mandarin Academy offers a wonderfully unique learning experience for young Chinese learners in the heart of Silicon Valley.

We believe that being bilingual is one of our biggest gifts we can give to our children. Children are immersed in English in daily life at the store, in after-school activities, and in our neighborhood so to learn Mandarin, it is important that they spend many hours per school day immersed in the language.

Mandarin Academy is committed to providing the students with the best education while supporting the students' own interests and curiosities. Through our curriculum, the staff at Mandarin Academy hope to instill joy, confidence, and enjoyment within the students as they learn Mandarin so that they may see the language as a part of their life rather than just a class. 


Mandarin Academy educates students for academic excellence, moral character, and international perspective through immersion in American and Chinese culture and language.


The Mandarin Academy program: 


  • Develops bilingual students: Many of our students have no previous exposure to Mandarin. We believe the best way to learn a language is to be immersed in it. Our students spend many hours per day immersed in Mandarin along with the lessons and values present within the culture.

  • Emphasizes character such as discipline, kindness, joy, peace-making, and service. This is achieved through the classes along with interactions between the student and their peers, parents, and staff of Mandarin Academy.

  • Provide the foundation for positive growth within students so that they may become individuals that are ready to contribute to their family, their peers, and society.

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