Mandarin Academy exceeds the California state requirements for English, Math, Social Sciences, Science, Music, and Fine Arts. Our Mandarin curriculum follows guidelines provided by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education.



Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese

  • Reading and understanding Tang Poems

  • Develop a story based on pictures shown

  • Reading, seeing, and explaining key points within Chinese story books 

  • Educate basic punctuation within Chinese writing

  • 400+ new Sentences
    312+ New vocabulary words 130+ Written words 

  • Understanding and utilizing proper sentence structure and grammar

  • Show and Tell presentations



  • Utilize the four operations to solve problems 

  • Factors and multiples 

  • Formulating and analyzing patterns 

  • Place values for multi-digit whole numbers 

  • Multi digit arithmetic

  • Arithmetic of fractions and decimals 

  • Decimal notation for fractions

  • Conversion between different forms of measurements 

  • Identifying lines and angles to gain knowledge in the properties of geometric shapes

  • Geometric measurements 




  • Explaining the meaning of a text through in text details and examples

  • Review the different forms of literature

  • Determining the theme of different forms of literature and summarizing them

  • Describing the depth of a character, setting, or event within a given text 

  • Resolve the meaning of words and phrases used in texts 

  • Diving into different points of views within different stories while also comparing 

  • Analyzing and comparing similar themes and topics in different works of literature



  • Structures and processes of organic organisms 

  • Examining animals and their roles within different ecosystems

  • Earth’s place in the universe and it’s systems 

  • Human activity within the Earth 

  • Studying matter and the different forms of forces and energy 

  • Designing scientific questions and carrying out proper experimentation




Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese

  • Simplified Chinese 

  • HanYu PinYin

  • Typing in Chinese

  • Creating Menus in Chinese

  • 300+ New Idioms used within the Chinese language 

  • Writing Letters 

  • Understanding and acting out dramas 

  • Writing book reports using key details from the given text

  • Notecard / Flashcard creation

  • Presentations with given topics and presentation posters

  • Using corrective measures to properly use punctuation within Chinese writing

  • Reading and understanding Tang Poems

  • 400+ new Sentences, 312+ new vocabulary words, 130+ new written words 

  • Properly creating sentence structure and grammar



  • Writing and interpreting numerical expressions 

  • Analyzing patterns and the relationships between the individual units of the pattern 

  • Operations with multi-digit numbers 

  • Arithmetic of fractions and decimals 

  • Conversion between different forms of measurements and measurement systems

  • Graphing points on coordinate planes to solve problems 

  • Further classifying figures into different categories based on geometric properties



  • Quoting the text when explaining and inferring what is explicitly stated in the text 

  • Determining the theme of a given text based on different details within the text 

  • Comparing and contrasting characters, settings, or events in different forms of literature 

  • Explaining the structure of a given work based upon how it is segmented 

  • Describing how a narrator's or speaker’s point of view influences events within a story

  • Analyzing visual and multimedia elements 


Traditional Chinese

  • Cells of organic organisms and parent offspring relationship of organisms

  • Different kingdoms of organisms 

  • Ecosystems and Biomes 

  • Earth’s resources, weather, and dynamic fluctuations within the Earth  

  • Looking at different kinds of matter

  • Physical and chemical changes 

  • Studying and using different forces and energy

  • Mandarin Academy K-5 Chinese Immersi
  • Mandarin Academy K-5 Chinese Immersi

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