Mandarin Academy exceeds the California state requirements for English, Math, Social Sciences, Science, Music, and Fine Arts. Our Mandarin curriculum follows guidelines provided by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education.


  • Reading and understanding Tang Poems

  • Develop a story based on pictures shown

  • Reading, seeing, and explaining key points within Chinese story books 

  • Educate basic punctuation within Chinese writing

  • 400+ new Sentences
    312+ New vocabulary words 130+ Written words 

  • Understanding and utilizing proper sentence structure and grammar

  • Show and Tell presentations


Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese

  • Utilize the four operations to solve problems 

  • Factors and multiples 

  • Formulating and analyzing patterns 

  • Place values for multi-digit whole numbers 

  • Multi digit arithmetic

  • Arithmetic of fractions and decimals 

  • Decimal notation for fractions

  • Conversion between different forms of measurements 

  • Identifying lines and angles to gain knowledge in the properties of geometric shapes

  • Geometric measurements 



  • Explaining the meaning of a text through in text details and examples

  • Review the different forms of literature

  • Determining the theme of different forms of literature and summarizing them

  • Describing the depth of a character, setting, or event within a given text 

  • Resolve the meaning of words and phrases used in texts 

  • Diving into different points of views within different stories while also comparing 

  • Analyzing and comparing similar themes and topics in different works of literature




  • Structures and processes of organic organisms 

  • Examining animals and their roles within different ecosystems

  • Earth’s place in the universe and it’s systems 

  • Human activity within the Earth 

  • Studying matter and the different forms of forces and energy 

  • Designing scientific questions and carrying out proper experimentation





  • Simplified Chinese 

  • HanYu PinYin

  • Typing in Chinese

  • Creating Menus in Chinese

  • 300+ New Idioms used within the Chinese language 

  • Writing Letters 

  • Understanding and acting out dramas 

  • Writing book reports using key details from the given text

  • Notecard / Flashcard creation

  • Presentations with given topics and presentation posters

  • Using corrective measures to properly use punctuation within Chinese writing

  • Reading and understanding Tang Poems

  • 400+ new Sentences, 312+ new vocabulary words, 130+ new written words 

  • Properly creating sentence structure and grammar


Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese

  • Writing and interpreting numerical expressions 

  • Analyzing patterns and the relationships between the individual units of the pattern 

  • Operations with multi-digit numbers 

  • Arithmetic of fractions and decimals 

  • Conversion between different forms of measurements and measurement systems

  • Graphing points on coordinate planes to solve problems 

  • Further classifying figures into different categories based on geometric properties



  • Quoting the text when explaining and inferring what is explicitly stated in the text 

  • Determining the theme of a given text based on different details within the text 

  • Comparing and contrasting characters, settings, or events in different forms of literature 

  • Explaining the structure of a given work based upon how it is segmented 

  • Describing how a narrator's or speaker’s point of view influences events within a story

  • Analyzing visual and multimedia elements 



  • Cells of organic organisms and parent offspring relationship of organisms

  • Different kingdoms of organisms 

  • Ecosystems and Biomes 

  • Earth’s resources, weather, and dynamic fluctuations within the Earth  

  • Looking at different kinds of matter

  • Physical and chemical changes 

  • Studying and using different forces and energy


Traditional Chinese

  • Mandarin Academy K-5 Chinese Immersi
  • Mandarin Academy K-5 Chinese Immersi

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