Mandarin Academy exceeds the California state requirements for English, Math, Social Sciences, Science, Music, and Fine Arts. Our Mandarin curriculum follows guidelines provided by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education.


immersion model

five areas of focus



Traditional Chinese

  • Taught in Traditional Chinese

  • Chinese Phonetics (Bopomofo)

  • Relating one's Chinese to the world around oneself and one's personal life 

  • Introducing the structure of spoken Mandarin and how to properly express oneself

  • Learning and utilizing the basic nuances of spoken Mandarin

  • Reading and understanding given text 

  • Show and Tell presentations

  • 400+ new Sentences, 312+ new vocabulary words, 130+ new written words 

  • The ability to properly construct sentence structure and grammar


Traditional Chinese

  • Counting numbers up to a hundred 

  • Single digit addition and subtraction 

  • Double digit with single digit addition and subtraction 

  • Learning how to compare measurements and sizes

  • Word problems containing both addition and subtraction 

  • Pattern recognition 

  • Basic shapes and colors



  • Writing upper and lower case letters 

  • Sight words and commonly used nouns and verbs 

  • Formulating plural nouns orally 

  • Distinguishing and correctly using common prepositions

  • Possessing the knowledge to understand question words

  • Getting familiar with expanding complete sentences 

  • Comprehend basic grammar rules

  • Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown words and words with multiple meanings 

  • Explore the relationships and nuances in word meanings


Traditional Chinese

  • Recognize one’s 5 senses to make observations 

  • Different properties of the wind

  • The sounds of the surrounding world 

  • Understanding the qualities of the surrounding nature 

  • Basic qualities of different weathers



Stories, Show and Tell, Chinese songs, correct pronunciation, including
four tones


Daily needs, communication with classmates and teacher, poem recital and songs and repetition osentences


Utilization of flash cards for character recognition and combining words
to make phrases and sentences


Basic stroke order, Origins of Chinese characters, frequently used characters and penmanship


Reinforce learning through cutting, pasting, coloring, etc.

Improve fine motor skills to assist in stroke development

Create a fun and relaxed environment to foster a love of learning

  • Mandarin Academy K-5 Chinese Immersi
  • Mandarin Academy K-5 Chinese Immersi

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